About Us

First, it isn't about us...

It's about you.  You went into business to change the world.  You had a vision, and a purpose.  You're on a journey to greatness.  We'd simply like to help you reach your destination.

We'd like to help you avoid the pitfalls technology can introduce.  To reap the profits it makes possible.

Are you ready?  Then take our hand, and let us help.

Why let us guide you?

Technical Expertise


You use a variety of technologies to do business.  Fortunately, we're experts in a variety of systems, and carry industry certifications from our partners, like Microsoft, Google, and Cisco.  So you can rest assured your valuable infrastructure is in capable hands.  By outsourcing your IT management to our experienced pros, you can focus on what you do best--running your business. 

Fiscally Sound


Do you work for your IT systems, or do they work for you?  Don't let constant IT maintenance and unexpected costs bleed you dry! Each business has different financial concerns.  Whatever the combination of cash-flow, TCO, and ROI that concerns you, we're ready to craft a package that saves you money while respecting your unique needs.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Whether you have 2 employees or 200, you rely on technology.  Fortunately, we provide an experience tailored to your situation. No matter the size or budget, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. To emphasize how confident we are: no long contracts needed.  If we aren't adding value, you're free to go.  We know once you partner with us you will never want to leave.

The iceberg effect


I started COMSTASIS largely because I've learned that outsourced IT services are like an ICEBERG.  Customers can easily see the 10% above the surface: helpdesk support - you call and someone answers.  So customers use that as a yardstick for service providers.

Thus, many service providers do an excellent job with helpdesk support, but some neglect portions of the other 90% of the IT ICEBERG.  The "under-water" portions.  Backup and restore testing.  Patching.  Licensing.  Account off-boarding.  Email, network and file security.  Log monitoring and analysis.  Etc... Even the regular meetings to ensure your technology and your changing business needs, priorities and goals remain aligned.  The portions that are still critical to your business, but that require a lot of engineer time, are harder to market or monetize, and thus don't add margin.  The community needed a better option.

At COMSTASIS our promise is to care for your business like we would our own, whether or not you can see what we're doing.  We want to be your true technology partner, working hand-in-hand to make your mission a success.  We don't skimp on the details, because your business is just as precious to you as ours is to us.

Jay P Morgan


Comments from customers


We love those we serve.  And it shows.

Service and other sectors

"Our scheduling program and computer department is integral to the success of our company. It was amazing to have [Comstasis] on call at all times and [Jay] proved extremely resourceful in helping us maintain our network in the office. In addition he kept us up to date by monitoring the system remotely and was quick to solve the numerous issues that routinely come up in an office environment with multiple users and credentials. In addition, he had full access to our offices after hours with a master key. This in itself is a reflection of our confidence in him since it gives him access to not only to our security files but keys and codes that provide access to our hundreds of clients. Jay's personal integrity, high morals and honesty are a huge factor in having him a part of our team for those years. " -Brad, President

"Whether it was saving money, improving the quality and reliability of our telecommunications and data services, or managing [his team], he consistently operated with long-range goals and in the best interests of our stakeholders...  And not only did Jay display a willingness to take on new technical challenges, but I know he cultivated a similar spirit in his entire team.  He and they worked tirelessly to ensure several major technical initiatives were completed quickly and at low cost, in an effort to shore up our infrastructure." -Dan, CEO

K-12 Education

"When he joined there were no structures or protocols in place for technology across the network. Jay built our technology department from the ground up. He designed systems for distributing technology, training for instructional technology, and building our network infrastructure. Jay was was willing to do whatever it took to help our teachers and students get access to the technology they needed, even if that meant him building computer carts on a Saturday." -Amy, Chief Academic Officer

"[Jay...] asked very relevant questions and pushed our thinking about subjects in areas that we had not previously thought of. I always appreciated Jay’s insight into matters outside of his domain and his opinions came in the form of questions rather than telling us what should be done. " -Patrick, Dir of Recruitment

"When I think of IT, I think of someone whose job it is to keep the lights on and make all employee's lives easier. Jay did exactly that. He operated his workstream so smoothly that it allowed our teams to function in a high-performing manner. He implemented SSO google accounts for the organization, (employees and students). Additionally, he was regularly providing pro tips to help us increase efficiency with Google suite Aside from my interaction with him, he was instrumental in many others aspects of the organization- such as building and maintaining the IT infrastructure. Always thinking about the customer and cost savings.   Additionally, his nature was approachable and pleasant. Whether I was needing a new device or advice on new software, his door was always open." -Nupur, Data Analyst

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