Everyone has to start small...

...to grow big

70% of the jobs in Nashville are at small businesses.  And before those small businesses were small, most of them were tiny.

So why are the startups largely overlooked by the big IT consulting firms?  Well, startup budgets tend to be tight.  And needs are large.  But not the sort of generic needs (helpdesk support for 20+ computers and email management for 20+ users) that the large firms can use to make a lot of money very quickly.  Startups don't have a lot of staff or computers, or low-hanging IT fruit hanging around to pluck.  Rather, you need guidance in choosing the right strategies to support your short and long-term goals.  Support in choosing the appropriate technologies, policies, and procedures.  And assistance in implementation.  But... budgets are tight.

You've got a vision for how things can be.  But how do you get from here to there?  We know your story.  And we want to help you succeed.  We're prepared to leverage our decades of accumulated IT expertise and business acumen to help organizations at all stages of growth and budgets to lay down a solid foundation for a bright future.  And we want to grow with you.  You're here for the long-haul; so are we.

Get CIO expertise, without the CIO price-tag.  Reach out to see how we can  help your startup, today!

We can sit down over coffee to discuss your specific goals and hurdles, or things like:

  • The best storage platform for you (Local vs cloud; Dropbox, vs Box, vs GSuite, vs OneDrive vs Sharepoint vs SecuriSync vs etc, etc)
  • The best branded email platform for your needs
  • Alternate free or low-cost communications platforms like messaging, voice and video conferencing
  • Choosing between server-based or PaaS services to protect your capital or cash-flow
  • Discounts on internet and phone service
  • The lowest software and platform pricing
  • Policies and procedures to facilitate growth, without headaches down the road
  • Securing your business against ransomware, phishing attacks and data leaks
  • Training on various technologies
  • Technical support on-demand
  • More...


Talk over coffee? Tell us where you'd like to meet, and when.

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