We. Love. Schools.

You are preparing the next generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and citizens and you want to make good use of 21st century tools.  But that requires a depth of expertise bridging both the technology and educational realms.  That's something consulting firms simply don't have.

We do.

With more than 20 years of experience at helping schools plan, implement, manage, and repair technology, COMSTASIS is in a unique position to help you adopt technology in a meaningful and sustainable way.  Our experience extends across traditional, private, religious, and charter K-12 organizations, as well as Higher Ed.  From repairing devices, to being the technology decision-makers.  From implementing educational technology in classrooms, to teaching in classrooms.  From managing 1:1 programs, to cloud migrations, we've seen and done it all.

Rather than throwing dollars and devices at students (sound familiar?), we help you find success through choosing the technologies that best serve your finances, testing requirements, and pedagogical methods, and then help you deploy and maintain them in a way that won't leave you scrambling a few years later.   At the same time, we guide you in observing all of the federally-mandated regulations that protect your students, while making full use of available state and Federal funds.

But, please, don't select us for our expertise.  Rather, let us help you because, like you, we care.  Because we share your passion for education and positive student outcomes.