Our Services

Network Support & Maintenance


Why let slow, unreliable connectivity hold you back?  We can architect and install your business's new network at affordable monthly rates, or simply troubleshoot and maintain your existing network, from the router to your WiFi and everything between.  Plus, our systems monitor your network 24x7.  So we will likely see a problem even before you do.  Let us handle it, so you can get back to business.

IT Helpdesk Support


Technology is great... when it works.  We are your technology concierge -- available to consult with your staff when problems arise.  Our continual monitoring service allows us to see when a server or client device is a threat to your security, or reporting minor errors that could turn into major headaches, and thus we can head them off before they do. Meaning YOU can keep on computing.

Cloud Service & Data Backup


All cloud services are not equal.  Each has pros & cons impacted by your specific business needs.  Let us guide you to the appropriate cloud platform(s) and design.  Plus, we'll ensure 100% of your critical data, on-prem or in the cloud, is protected 100% of the time.  Because your business, and your customers, don't have time for failures.

Regulatory Compliance


Trying to maintain compliance with federal regulations such as HIPAA, CIPA and FERPA can be a daunting task.  Is your technology infrastructure fully-compliant, or could you be facing expensive penalties?  Let us help you to make that determination, via the compliance audits built into our  vertical-specific services.  We'll not only help you determine whether you have gaps, but how to remediate them.  Never worry about an audit again!

Risk Management


 Bad actors are increasingly targeting US small businesses as lucrative "soft" targets.  Network penetration, spoofing, spear-phishing and account password compromises are just a few of the weapons they employ.  The security components of our Risk Management service help protect your organization through defense-in-depth, from awareness training to advanced email security.  We protect you,  your clients, and your reputation.

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