Professional Services

We help your professionals shine

You and your people are experts in your field.

So, when you bring us in to manage your technology, we enable you to focus on your field.  Why swing outside your wheelhouse, when you could be so much more efficient and productive within?  We are experts in technology.  We get it right.  We take the technology fight off your plate.  And we do so at a price-point that your small business can actually afford.

No more guessing at what technologies will meet your needs, or how to configure them properly, and securely.  Our expert staff will perform the same types of services you'd expect from a full, internal IT department, and more!  Services included:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of your IT, ERP, CRM and similar systems.
  • Support the technology of all employees within the organization.
  • Assist senior management with technology budgeting, and a procurement and refresh strategy covering all IT related software and hardware.
  • Implement and maintain the company's network, server, and voice systems.
  • Perform data maintenance and backup, ensuring business continuity and resource availability for users.
  • Recommend and perform system upgrades and disaster recovery measures in harmony with an agreed-upon corporate strategy.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and suggest changes with a view to greater efficiency, greater performance, lower cost, or some combination thereof.
  • Support in compliance auditing, where appropriate.
  • Manage cloud services and on-premise or cloud user accounts.
  • Continual, proactive monitoring of technical systems.
  • Provide reports and data showing the status of the technology infrastructure.
  • Train staff on appropriate network, software, and security protocols and procedures.

And we do it all without vacation days, sick days, or time away for training.  We're here, always, supporting your mission.


Your greatest investment, and resource, is your people.  So we focus on helping maximize their productivity, and the ease with which they are able to do their jobs well.

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